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Vintage Deluxe Champion Tire - Twinside Cycles

Vintage Deluxe Champion Tire - Twinside Cycles

  • ** SHIPPING NOTE** There may apply Additional Cost to Ship Tires out fo EU. Will be informed before Shippment.


  • Vintage design and modern technology for this tire we produce that faithfully reproduces the famous tread pattern of the Deluxe Champion from the 1930s and 1940s.


    New formula with increased load and speed indexes. Excellent grip and durability even in wet conditions.

    Not suitable for use without an inner tube.

    Double indication according to European and USA standards.

    E4 approval.

    U.S.old – U.S. alpha and EU sizes mentioned are stamped on tyre.
    4.00-19 Board Track tire is a real oversized MM90-19 100/90-19. It measures 104mm wide and 712mm max diameter.

    Please verify you have enough space on your fender.


    The figure includes the payment of the eco-tax for the disposal of end-of-life tires (ELT).


    The Decree of 11 April 2011 n. 82 establishes the payment of a contribution always payable by the final customer, aimed at covering the costs necessary to fulfill the disposal of end-of-life tyres; this activity is financed with contributions collected on the sale of new vehicles and tyres.

    Starting from 7 September 2011, whoever sells tires as spare parts has the obligation to apply the ELT service contribution on the sales invoice for the tires sold by inserting it, within the invoice, in a distinct item and therefore separated from the price of the tires .

    By buying the tires online the tire specialist who will carry out the assembly does not have to charge a cost for disposal, but simply check whether the ELT obligation has been fulfilled upstream, therefore indicated on the invoice or purchase note.

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