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Vans X Cult Waffle Grips, 1" - Gum

Vans X Cult Waffle Grips, 1" - Gum

SKU: ZZ-MCS573278

Vans X Cult Waffle Grips, 1"

All Harleys Models - Throttle Pipe sold separately

Vans sneakers provide grip & style to skaters, snow boarders, surf-dudes, dudettes and just about anyone that is more into iconic statements than into average. The collaboration between Cultcrew and Vans gave birth to motorcycle grips, made with the classic waffle sole texture of Vans sneakers! A small dome in the center makes these grips fit like a glove and it's guaranteed that these non-slip grips will quality match Vans sneakers. Overall length 125mm. A throttle sleeve is not included and must be re-used or purchased separately.

Fits: > For 1" (25mm) handlebars

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