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"Mid Drag" Rabbit Ear, 1" Handlebar - Chrome

"Mid Drag" Rabbit Ear, 1" Handlebar - Chrome

SKU: ZZ-RK08-0217
  • ROCKET INC. "Mid Drag" rabbit ear handlebar
  • 8 "height (approx. 20 cm)
  • 1" (25.4mm) tube diameter
  • chrome plated
  • direct mounting to standard H-D triple tree - 89mm or 3,5" bolt spacing
  • 1/2" -13 UNC coarse threads
  • Classic look, with good handling - the ROCKET INC. "Mid Drag" Rabbit Ear handlebar!

    Eight inch high, 64 cm wide chromed rabbit ear handlebar with 1" tube diameter. In the lower part of the handlebar, a ½" x 20 UNC thread is integrated, at a distance of 89mm (3,5" bolt spacing) from one another for direct mounting to the upper triple tree on standard H-D mounts. No dimples.

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