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Lowbrow - 39mm Fork Shrouds Raw

Lowbrow - 39mm Fork Shrouds Raw

SKU: ZZ-CC619797

For use with 39mm Narrow Glide forks. Requires front fender removal.


Clean up the look of your front end with Lowbrow 39mm Fork Shrouds. Fits all 39mm narrow glide forks, as found on 1987 to current Harley-Davidson Sportsters (and some Dyna models). With the included allen hardware, and our easy-to-follow 39mm Fork 


Running fork shrouds requires front fender removal, but that's ok, your bike looks better without it. Shave those lower fork legs while you are at it and now you are really looking slick. These Fork Shrouds measure 14" long. 39mm Fork Shrouds do not work on the 48 model Sportsters, as the bosses on the lower legs for the front fender mount are in the way upon fork compression. 

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