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Hate & Fear Footpegs - Aluminum

Hate & Fear Footpegs - Aluminum

SKU: ZZ-RKR04002
€ 55,00Price
  • Rocket Inc. Footpegs
  • polished aluminum
  • matches many Harley-Davidson models
  • male mounting

A pair of classic ROCKET INC. footrests, aluminum die-cast polished. Very similar to the traditional Highway Pegs of the 70s but with standard male mount for Harley-Davidson® models – fits most Harley-Davidson® motorcycles except for Sportsters® from 2006, 48 and other Harley models with unequal socket until year of manufacture 2018. Please check your mountings. Raised »Hate« and »Fear« printings.

Male Mount ca. 11,5 mm, depth ca. 24 mm, height ca. 23 mm. Total length ca. 130 mm.

Fits: > Traditional H-D mount

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