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Bubble Helmet Visor with Strap - Black leather, Clear lense

Bubble Helmet Visor with Strap - Black leather, Clear lense

SKU: DK-17-192-clear
  • Bubble helmet visor clear
  • with universal strap mounting
  • silicon coating on the inside strap for secure tight fit
  • cool leather frame makes a cool  retro style look
  • made out of strong Polycarbonate
  • comes with soft microfiber bag


High-quality bubble helmet visor with clear lens and black, adjustable strap. The visor has a flexible fit and can therefore be worn on almost any open face helmet. Also fits some Fullface helmets as well. Glasses or sunglasses also fit under the visor. The silicone coating on the inside of the straps minimizes the visor slipping. The stitched leather edge made of vegan leather, new German for artificial leather, ensures a cool retro look. The glass is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. The visor significantly reduces the wind around the eyes and expands the driver's protected field of vision many times over compared to "normal" motorcycle goggles. This means the free feeling of an open face helmet remains - with the best possible wind protection. Apart from the function, it is a fine detail to enhance the necessary head protection. The visor is delivered in a protective microfiber bag.

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