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Baseball Bat Stripes - Wooden 70x12cm - Edo Design

Baseball Bat Stripes - Wooden 70x12cm - Edo Design


Edo Design are hand made creations Made in Italy, with the soul, inspired on the free spirit.

Wide: 70cm X High: 12cm X Deep: 10cm


We have been exhibiting our productions in the Kustom Kulture Art sector for many years and lately in the Tattoo world by participating in the most important national and foreign events. Our secret is experimentation: we capture and interrogate materials and shapes, looking for their expressive potential in them, creating a new dimension between the real and the imaginary where fantasy and innovation are the focal point of our creations. Influences and passions derive from Strett Culture and the biker world, a world now merged with that of tattooing where our creations and ideas have been able to find maximum inspiration by making the most of ancient and non-old subjects, up to the personalization of objects with the technique of lettering and pinstriping.

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